Steve Smith


Steve Smith ranks among the top chefs worldwide, having held a Michelin star for over ten years from the age of just 24; and also presently holding four AA rosettes. Whilst working in Melbourne, Steve Smith also held the prestigious American Express Australian Restaurant of the Year title.

Steve Smith and his food as described by Great British Chefs:

“Dining at Bohemia, one is likely to find traditional elements startlingly reworked. Smith’s dishes are very much ingredient-led with an emphasis on extracting maximum flavour and versatility from each. Smith’s signature dish of roasted scallops with celeriac truffle, apple, smoked eel and a truffl vinaigrette is a prime example of how the chef married tradition with innovation to create dishes of real sophistication.”

Steve Smith’s individual style has also made its mark with food critics:

“I dreamed about the food when I went to bed. It was a fairy-tale dinner, and Steve Smith is a magician.”

The London Metro